Lorelei Pictures


Lorelei Pictures is an Amsterdam-based company producing creative documentaries and commercial videos. It values creative storytelling and compelling human stories through audiovisual.


Master’s in Documentary Filmmaking, UBB Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2019)
Digital Filmmaking diploma, SAE Institute Amsterdam, Netherlands (2009)

Workshops and film residencies
FemArt film residency, Bucharest, 28th of September to 3rd of October 2020.
Film Spring Open, Krakow, 15th to 24th of October 2019.
Aristoteles film workshop, Baru-Mare, 1st to 31st of August 2018.
Visegrad Film Forum -Visual Dramaturgy workshop with cinematographer Slawomir Idziak-Bratislava, 17th to 21st of April 2018.
Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión-documentary workshop, San Antonio de los Baños, 15th to 30th of September 2017.
fARAD sound in film workshop, Arad, 6th to 9th of October 2016.
NISI MASA workshop-within Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, 14th to 20th of March 2016.
Riga Summer School-documentary workshop, 1st to 8th of August 2015.
Longocampo Dox-visual anthropology workshop-Câmpulung Muscel, 2nd to 17th of August 2014.
DocStories Black Sea-workshop on documentary project development, Tbilisi-Sibiu-Amsterdam 2012.


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