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Showreel-Gabriela Forfota (2017) on Vimeo

“Valley of the Wolf” (Romania, 2019, 9 min):
Co-director, co-editor and sound person of short documentary made within Aristoteles Workshop, Baru/Romania.
Screenings: Documentarist Film Festival/International Panorama, Istanbul (June 2019), Transylvania International Film Festival/Local Competition, Cluj-Napoca (August 2020).

“Un Camino Entre Pinceles” (Cuba, 2017, 10 min):
Co-director of short documentary made within filmmaking workshop at EICTV San Antonio de los Baños.
On-line release:

“Bucharest. A Documentary.” (Romania, 2016, 5 min):
Director, cinematographer and editor of short experimental documentary-NISI MASA workshop within Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival 2016.

“The Bolshoi Maestro” (Latvia, 2015, 16 min):
Co-director, co-cinematographer and co-editor of short documentary-within Riga Summer School.
Screenings: Vasakh Documentary Film Festival, Lahore (April 2016), DOCfeed Eindhoven (February 2017), Ethografilm Paris (April 2017), Pune Short Film Festival (June 2017), Simfest Târgu-Mureṣ (August 2017).

“Dorin and Dorina” (Romania, 2014, 14 min):
Co-director and co-editor of short documentary-within Longocampo Dox workshop.

“What Traian Couldn’t See” (Romania-USA, 2009, 6 min):
Director, co-cinematographer and editor of short documentary produced by Real Ideas Studio.
Screenings: Short Film Corner-Cannes Film Festival (May 2009), San Gio Video Festival Verona (July 2009).

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Showreel-Gabriela Forfota (2017) on Vimeo

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