Videoproduction Rotterdam

Professional videoproduction in Rotterdam

Looking for a tenacious video production company?

Lorelei Pictures will tell your stories beyond words. We have the right eye and skill to give you unforgettable audiovisuals. Your viewers will be left in a state of awe helping you make a lasting impact standing out from the pack.

Why we do it?

Connecting is our goal

As the best video production Rotterdam, we are a collaborative company that walks hand in hand with its clients. We develop partnerships that help us drive more emotionally connected messages to the right people at the right time. This way we are able to work together and use the best mediums to make the most impactful memories.

Storytelling is our craft

We’ll translate even your most complex message into engaging and inspiring stories. There is much noise happening in our world today making it harder to grab the attention of your intended audience. So in this multi-channeled world, we help you make a connection with the audience behind the screen.

Authenticity is our promise

In a world filled with fake, your audience needs you to be as real as you can be. Every video production we craft has authenticity at its core. A purpose to inspire, engage and get emotion and action from your target audience. We take pride in being a thoughtful, collaborative, creative, and digital video production Amsterdam.

Videoproduction Rotterdam

Why choose Lorelei?


We stay on top of the latest video production trends so that you don’t have to. Whatever the scale you need to capture, we have the equipment for that. From top-notch cameras to lenses, and drones we have your back. We work with you to discover the type of shot you need for your video production.


At Lorelei, you’ll be working with top tier talent. We have top-of-the-class knowledge in cinematography, videography, filmmaking, video editing, directing, and content producing. You get a trusted team with years of experience to give you the best video production experience. We have the eye and knowledge to translate your shots into a creative vision.


We don’t fold our arms and pack after the video production. We work together with you during the magic-making that is your final output. You’ll be with us as we watch your visions and ideas brought to life on screen.

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